Scott O' Neil Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Scott O' Neil
“Love more, lean in, lean on, and cherish our bonds.”
“I am at my best when I am locked in where my feet are.”
“Making the most of each moment and ridding ourselves of the toxic habit of constantly looking forward to the next thing. Be where your feet are.”
“A constitution is what you stand for. It’s the qualities that you are, that matter most to you, because you say so. It’s not merely what you think of yourself, and it has nothing to do with opinions you may have of yourself or judgments you may hold against yourself. It’s a bold, audacious statement of your core.”
“How you live is truly a choice. What you’re going to do and who you are going to do it with, those are choices only you can make.”
“Find your peace. Find your quiet time. Find yourself.”
“I declare that I am You can count on me to...”
“The important part is to set an intention for your day and for your life. A daily mantra is one way to do that; another is creating a Leadership Constitution.”
“A constitution is not aspirational. It’s not what you want or hope or strive to be “one day.” It’s who you are committed to being. In every moment.”
“Life is better, more fulfilling, and more rewarding when you are where your feet are, and the good news is that it is up to you to decide and commit.”
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