Yes Man Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Yes Man
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    “It’s just that being dumped suddenly puts time into perspective.”
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    “And so I became the man that could wriggle out of any prior engagement. Who could spot an invitation coming a mile away and head it off at the pass (...). The man who’d send an email instead of attend a birthday.”
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    ″ ‘The people without passion are the ones who always say no’, he’d said moments before, and I’d turned, stunned, to listen.”
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    “At the end of any relationship you take a long, hard look at the years that have gone by and say “What now”?
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    “The sad fact is, saying no had become a habit.”
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    “If I was going to act irresponsibly, the least I could do was be responsible for it.”
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    “I became the man who’d mastered the white lie. The man who always had an excuse. The man who always said no.”
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    “Because the thing is, what the man on the bus had said to me made complete and utter sense. I know it sounds odd, and I know it might seem meaningless to you, but to me those three words had... done something.”
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    “But what he’d shown me about myself wasn’t glamorous. It was worrying. It was something I had to change. And luckily he’d shown me the way.”
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    “In my mind, I was one of the London’s young, thrusting urbanities. In my mind, I was always on the go, always had somewhere to be, always in the thick of things.”
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    “I recommend keeping a diary. Diaries are cool.”
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    “Most important, I had the gun. Because I had been asked to kill a man. And I had said yes.”
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    ″ ‘But the happiest people are the ones who understand that good things occur when one allows them to.’ And that was that. That was all it took to turn my life on its head.”
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    “I couldn’t work out whether it was just coincidence. Whether his words were really intended for me, whether they truly reflected on our conversation, or whether they were just the throwaway ramblings of some bloke on a bus.”
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    “His words were just the catalyst that kick-started me into action. (...) The fact is he was probably just a bloke on a bus. But chatty. And wise.”
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    “I am going to say yes to everything.”
    “Everything? What do you mean everything?” Ian looked shocked. “When do you start?”
    “That’s just the thing, ” I said, finishing my pint and looking him dead in the eye. “I already have.”
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    “The only time you have no opportunities is when you decide to stop taking them.”
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    “Say yes more”, I’d repeated. Three little words of such power.
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    “The simple fact of the matter was that this man would probably have had no idea of the impact of his words. I surely was just someone who wanted to make a decision, who deep down wanted to make a change.”
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    ″ Is that it? he said. ‘Say yes more?’
    Yep, I said, smiling. That’s it.”
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