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    “You may think some of this seems far-fetched, even impossible. Believe me, I know we all cling to life and its certainties. It’s not easy in these cynical times to cast off the hardness and edge that gets us through our days. But try just a little.”
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    “There are probably a number of ways to tell your story right, and someone else may be able to tell you whether or not you’ve found one of these ways.”
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    “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.”
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    “If I, and this book, have anything to prove, it’s that when you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too.”
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    “You know how advice is. You only want it if it agrees with what you wanted to do anyway.”
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    “But I hope you will heed this: A man who has no conscience, no goodness, does not suffer.”
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    “Most people don’t land their dream job right out of the gate, which means we all have to start somewhere. You’ll appreciate your amazing career so much more when you look back at your not-so-amazing jobs in the past, and hopefully realize that you learned something from all of them.”
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    “Bills, sadly, are not an ignore-it-and-it-goes-away problem. If you’ve been getting an overdue notice from the cable company every two weeks for the last three months, and all of a sudden it stops coming, that does not mean that they’ve gotten over you and moved on to someone else. Big companies are like the mob - they never forget, they never give up, and they always get their money. Get them before they get you: Pay up, and pay on time.”
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    “I learned at a young age that people were happy when I asked them about themselves, and I listened and retained the things they told me. I found that by sharing my personal experiences, like through my blog, we’re not alone - that the most shameful, personal, specific things you’re going through are actually universal. You can laugh about it. I want to make a contribution that matters, and I want to be as vulnerable and raw as possible so other people feel less alone. I want to make people happy and make them laugh - even if it’s at my own expense.”
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    “Treat your savings account like just another bill. It has to be paid every month or there are consequences. If you have direct deposit, have a portion of your paycheck automatically diverted into a savings account. Once it’s in there, forget about it. You never saw it anyway. It’s an emergency fund only (and vacations are not emergencies).”
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    “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”
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    “People don’t buy stock; it gets sold to them. Don’t ever forget that.”
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    “Some one may wonder why I go about in private giving advice and busying myself with the concerns of others, but do not venture to come forward in public and advise the state. I will tell you why. You have heard me speak at sundry times and in divers places of an oracle or sign which comes to me, and is the divinity which Meletus ridicules in the indictment. This sign, which is a kind of voice, first began to come to me when I was a child; it always forbids but never commands me to do anything which I am going to do. This is what deters me from being a politician.”
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    “Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.”
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    “Momma said we had to fight the evil inside us by overcoming it with goodness.”
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    “Rule of life. If you bother to ask someone’s advice, then bother to listen to it.”
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    “Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
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    “Well let’s just take it one day at a time”

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  1. #19
    “If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important Rule of Beauty. ‘Who cares?’”
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    “So my unsolicited advice to women in the workplace is this. When faced with sexism or ageism or lookism or even really aggressive Buddhism, ask yourself the following question: ‘Is this person in between me and what I want to do?’ If the answer is no, ignore it and move on. Your energy is better used doing your work and outpacing people that way. Then, when you’re in charge, don’t hire the people who were jerky to you.”
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    “This is what I tell young women who ask me for career advice. People are going to try to trick you. To make you feel that you are in competition with one another. ‘You’re up for a promotion. If they go for a woman, it’ll be between you and Barbara.’ Don’t be fooled. You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.”
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    “Again, don’t waste your energy trying to educate or change opinions. Go ‘Over! Under! Through!’ and opinions will change organically when you’re the boss. Or they won’t. Who cares? Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”
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    “My daddy used to tell me not to chew on something that was eatin you.”
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    “Let everyone else call your idea crazy... just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where ‘there’ is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop.”
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    “Never start a sentence with the words ‘No offense.‘”
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    “I’d tell men and women in their midtwenties not to settle for a job or a profession or even a career. Seek a calling.”
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    “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”
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    “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.”
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    ″‘Don’t tell me from genetics. What’ve they got to do with it?’ said Crowley. ‘Look at Satan. Created as an angel, grows up to be the Great Adversary. Hey, if you’re going to go on about genetics, you might as well say the kid will grow up to be an angel. After all, his father was really big in Heaven in the old days. Saying he’ll grow up to be a demon just because his dad became one is like saying a mouse with its tail cut off will give birth to tailless mice. No. Upbringing is everything. Take it from me.‘”
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    “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.”
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    “You ought to be brave for two reasons- the first is that you are a Gascon, and the second is that you are my son. Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures.”
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    “Fight on all occasions; fight the more for duels being forbidden, since, consequently, there is twice as much courage in fighting.”
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    “Elves seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise.”
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    “‘I don’t care how much money you get,’ my dad used to tell me. ‘It’s not worth it if you’re not happy.’ That’s the most valuable piece of advice he ever gave me: Do what you want in life. To this day I’ve tried to follow that philosophy.”
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    “Say yes more”, I’d repeated. Three little words of such power.
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    “Stay away from the ones you love too much. Those are the ones who will kill you.”

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  1. #37
    “The advice of the woman fell upon his heart.”
  2. #38
    ″ Is that it? he said. ‘Say yes more?’
    Yep, I said, smiling. That’s it.”
  3. #39
    “I recommend keeping a diary. Diaries are cool.”
  4. #40
    “Thus it is with proud silly people, who think themselves above everyone else, and are too proud to ask or take advice.”
  5. #41
    “Advice is one thing that is freely given away, but watch that you only take what is worth having.”
  6. #42
    “‘There is nothing like love. You should try it.’
    Thibault shrugged. ‘Maybe one day.’”
  7. #43
    “A part of all you earn is yours to keep. It should be not less than a tenth no matter how little you earn. It can be as much more as you can afford.”
  8. #44
    “It costs nothing to ask wise advice from a good friend.”
  9. #45
    “You’ve learned the lessons well. You first learned to live on less than you earn. Next you learned to seek advice from those who are competent. Lastly, you’ve learned to make gold work for you.”
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    “Being alone is best. I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? In the end you’ll be absolutely alone; therefore, being alone is natural.”
  2. #47
    “And let that be a lesson to you, George, never to ask advice on personal matters.”
  3. #48
    “You give a lot of great advice about what to do. Do you have any advice of what not to do?”
  4. #49
    “Seek out positive people who have achieved the success you want to create in your own life. Remember the adage: ‘Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.‘”
  5. #50
    “My mom used to tell me that whatever you do, marry someone who loves you more than you love him.”
  6. #51
    “You never oughta drink water when it ain’t runnin’.”
  7. #52
    “But I will gladly advise him -- I’ll hide nothing--”
  8. #53
    “He ought to question them upon everything, and listen to their opinions, and afterwards form his own conclusions.”
  9. #54
    “A prince, therefore, ought always to take counsel.”
  1. #55
    “A prince who is not wise himself will never take good advice.”
  2. #56
    “The only advice for a writer is to read.”
  3. #57
    “Old people love to give good advice; it compensates them for their inability to set a bad example.”
  4. #58
    “Men give away nothing as so liberally as their advice.”
  5. #59
    “Good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example.”
  6. #60
    “Never give anyone the advice to buy or sell shares, because the most benevolent price advice can turn out badly.”
  7. #61
    “Truth is you’re not okay, but you will be.
  8. #62
    “My counsel to you is to make sure your mirror is set so that you can see the past without allowing it to distract you from the present.”
  9. #63
    ″‘Ain’t no one gonna tell you what’s in your heart,’ he tells Lev. ‘You gotta find that out for yourself.‘”
  10. #64
    “I am forced into speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why. It is altogether against my will that I tell my reasons for opposing this contemplated invasion of the antarctic.”
  11. #65
    “I never married—but, I think, I know
    That sons should not be educated so”
  12. #66
    “In offering to you, my countrymen, these counsels of an old and affectionate friend, I dare not hope they will make the strong and lasting impression I could wish; that they will control the usual current of the passions, or prevent our nation from running the course which has hitherto marked the destiny of nations. But, if I may even flatter myself that they may be productive of some partial benefit, some occasional good...”
  13. #67
    ″‘Here it is, Chris, the world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.‘”
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