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22 of the best book quotes about taking responsibility
“Never take the position that things just happen to you; rather, they happen because of something you did or did not do.”
″As human beings, we are responsible for our own lives. Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions. We can subordinate feelings to values. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen.″
“This officer, given maximum power, bore minimum responsibility.”
“Wherefore each of you, when his turn comes, must go down to the general underground abode, and get the habit of seeing in the dark.”
“This is your child, and you’ll have to make the best of it. We’re going to ask you to take him home with you as soon as possible-some time to-day.”
“Asking for something is easy, being responsible for it is the part that develops character.”
“We’re in the business of saving lives, Matthew. With every degree that we allow ourselves to move off the mark of perfection as officers, more people die- that’s a responsibility that I take pretty seriously. ‘Cause I absolutely believe that simply taking a Marine who’s not yet up to the job and packing him off to another assignment is the same as sending a kid into the jungle with a weapon that backfires.”
“We were a Family, a happy Family, and we stayed that way until I stopped showing up.”
“Most of the time, everyone deserves more than one chance. We all do things we regret now and then. You just have to carry them with you.”
“Somalia was the experience that taught us that people in these places bear much of the responsibility for things being the way they are.”
“I have been responsible for a series of small errors in the carrying out of my duties.”
“What will be the sign that you were here? It’s important that you realize that you have a responsibility to do something with your life. You mustn’t be cavalier with this precious gift you have from above.”
“It may seem like a daunting—if not exhausting—task to establish a greater degree of order in your life. That may feel impossible if you feel you are already overstretched. But taking time to order your day should not be an additional burden or one more ‘to do’ on your list of duties and responsibilities.”
“High-risk leadership beckons many, but few accept the call.”
“You don’t have to ask permission to take responsibility.”
“My belly flipped with worry . . . It was up to me to take care of things, to find a place for us. I had to be bold.”
“If I was going to act irresponsibly, the least I could do was be responsible for it.”
“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
″‘My signature,’ he said. ‘I knew it was folly when I did it. An act of hubris...”
“It becomes much easier to take God seriously as the source of moral values if we don’t hold Him responsible for all the unfair things that happen in the world.”
“What does ‘work out your salvation’ mean? It means that now that God has delivered and saved us, we are to take responsibility to live a life that reflects him and his ways: daily dependence on God, trust, love, honesty, and all the things that are of him. And while we are doing that, he is doing miraculous, divine things to achieve his ends.”
″‘I decided I was gon’ be the kind of father she deserved,’ he says. ‘I had to man up. That’s what you gotta do, Mav. Man up.‘”
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