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12 of the best book quotes about abandoned
“When she needed help most, she was abandoned—and only when she offered help to others was she beloved.”
“It’s important to remind ourselves how much we are loved by God. Often we find ourselves feeling abandoned and alone. But this isn’t so we must reaffirm the truth that God is always with us and is in love with us. This reminder is so important when life gets hectic and chaotic.”
″‘Dónde está mi mami?’ Enrique cries, over and over. ‘Where is my mom?‘”
“The train crawls out of the Tapachula station. From here on, he thinks, nothing bad can happen.”
″ So a decision was made to abandon the town of Chewandswallow. It was a matter of survival.”
“If anybody could survive on the loose, it would be this kid who showed up from Hollidaysburg. Who slept on floors. Who outran dogs.”
Essentially the story of a boy abandoned by his people, Toby Alone touches on several universal themes including social class, capitalism and big business, the need to protect our environment, and appreciating the value of each and every human being.
“From the moment he’s left as a foundling in a lambing-pen on Outoverdown Farm, Spider Sparrow is surrounded by animals. Adopted by the kindly shepherd and his wife, Spider has comes to know all the animals on the farm, including the crows he must scare away from the newly sown wheat.”
“The windows and doors of the building have been boarded shut, and each day Alex lowers the rope ladder he has made, to forage for food and fuel. In the streets, he must always be on the alert for the enemy. At night he huddles in a dark cabinet; he’s desolate yet hopeful that soon life will be as before the occupation.”
“Which arises from feeling abandoned, Grover realizes, along with recognition that his mother “would have changed” and sought to avert it. ”
“A furious black kitten abandoned on their doorstep endears itself to the whole family--even Ginger--and foreshadows another addition to the Pye family that will change their lives forever.”
“Abandoned!′ said Papa, who was excellent at riddles. ‘That’s what this sign means. Abandoned.’ ‘An abandoned kitten!’ they exclaimed compassionately. ‘Is there anything else on the note?’ asked Jerry, and, turning it over, he saw that there was. ‘My name is Pinky,’ he read, and, ‘I don’t know how old is I.”
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