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″ Most disturbing, afterwards, is his father’s breakdown (he “shouldn’t cry that way in front of me. . . . I don’t cry in front of him”) and his insistence that “it’s the chief duty of every human being to endure life.”
“Plus excursions with Ellen Grae and dogged little Farrell that are at once funny and barometric--assuming, as one must throughout,...”
″... and his insistence that ‘it’s the chief duty of every human being to endure life.”
“A ten-year-old boy adjusts to the changes in his life after his mother dies. Like absently, compulsively poking a sore, the reverberations of a death in the family, significantly a suicide, emerge among cameos of small town and small fry life in Thicket.”
“And very much Grover’s Story, his buddy Ellen Grae (no Lady though fairly constrained) figuring chiefly as ballast.”
“To explain their secrecy about his mother’s illness, Aunt Mary and Uncle Ab intone “We didn’t want you to worry. Wasn’t that nice of us?”
“Which arises from feeling abandoned, Grover realizes, along with recognition that his mother “would have changed” and sought to avert it. ”
“Grover and his father adjust to life after the death of Grover’s mother. Grover lives in a small Southern town.”
“Grover’s mother is very sick, but no one will tell him the truth about her. He realizes she is dying though, and is not surprised when she commits suicide rather than let herself become a total invalid. ”
“His real problem is coping with his father’s reaction. Grover is able to cope quite well because he talks to several sympathetic and intelligent adults and friends.”
“After his mother’s suicide and his father’s resultant breakdown, 10-year-old Grover must face the hard reality of death and trouble.”
“The possibilities are apparent: however few the words for his mother’s wistful withdrawal, his father’s brusque estrangement, and Grover’s aching response to both, they’re the right words.”
″ Grover’s own dark passage involves the brutal slaying of a cock turkey. . . but there are lighter moments (his father blindly calls him “impervious”) like his determination to teach the alphabet to unflappable housekeeper Rose.”

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