Papa Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Papa
“Papa is Little Red Chicken’s father who proves to be very patient and forgiving. He seems to be quite tired throughout the story and wishes Little Red Chicken would go to bed so he could get some rest also.”
“Finally, Papa tells Little Red Chicken to tell him a story. This is a delightful and funny read ...”
″ ‘Make ups are all very well,’ said Papa, ‘as long as people don’t try to make you believe they are true. When they do that, it seems to me it comes too near the edge of falsehood to be very safe or pleasant.’ ”
“Years afterwards, Katy told somebody that the longest six weeks of her life were those that followed this conversation with Papa. Now that she knew that there was no chance of getting well at once, the days dragged dreadfully. Each seemed duller and dismaller than the day before. She lost heart about herself, and took no interest in anything.”
″ ‘Oh, Murder! What was that, Papa!’ ‘My child, it was a Motor-Car, A Most Ingenious Toy! Designed to Captivate and Charm Much rather than to rouse Alarm In any English Boy.’ ”
“Ella finds a boyfriend and Henny disagrees with Papa over her curfew. Thus continues the tale of a Jewish family of five sisters and a little brother.”
“Abandoned!′ said Papa, who was excellent at riddles. ‘That’s what this sign means. Abandoned.’ ‘An abandoned kitten!’ they exclaimed compassionately. ‘Is there anything else on the note?’ asked Jerry, and, turning it over, he saw that there was. ‘My name is Pinky,’ he read, and, ‘I don’t know how old is I.”
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