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17 of the best book quotes about embarrassment
“They get so curious. It’s like they have this idea of me, and whenever I step outside of that, it blows their minds. There’s something so embarrassing about that in a way I can’t even describe.”
“Today, we’re still loaded down – and, to some extent, embarrassed – by ancient myths, but we respect them as part of the same impulse that has led to the modern, scientific kind of myth. But we now have the opportunity to discover, for the first time, the way the universe is in fact constructed as opposed to how we would wish it to be constructed.”
“My inner world seems largely to consist of three rotating emotions: embarrassment, rage, and tension. Sometimes I feel excited, but I think that’s just positive tension.”
“There’s a dreamy guy, looking all pulled together and gorgeous and here’s me, being all cough-spastic, breath-wheeze-cough-cough death rattle. That is it. I’m going to choke to death in an elevator dressed like I’m on my way to a hooker’s funeral, and this blonde male model is going to watch me die.”
″‘They’re afraid those stripes might be contagious’. Camilla was so embarrassed. She couldn’t believe that two days ago everyone liked her. Now, nobody wanted to be in the same room as her.”
“The familiar hated affliction--feeling awkward, foolish, inept, embarrassed-- surged through him, but for once he did not care and paid it no attention. The mouse dream fitted through his mind. Then he thought of Anne Frank and of his visit to her house--no, not her house, her museum--that morning. And now this and these tears. All somehow connected.”
“I think we had better start thinking about the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.’ I think it might embarrass Stuart to hear mice mentioned in such a belittling manner.”
“When Joel emerged into the street, he was still embarrassed. He didn’t want to go shopping anymore. He didn’t want to be his own mother. But he did want revenge.”
“What she did not want was the embarrassment of someone trying to make friends with her. It was easier to stay out of it from the beginning, rather than face the disappointment which inevitably followed.”
“Traffic always stops for Simon- he never has to wait while cars keep tearing past. Sometimes he’ll give the drivers a wave and a bow, and say, ‘Thank you, my loyal subjects.’ He’s an expert in being embarrassing.”
“I’ve been trying to be a lot more careful about my image since I got to middle school. But having Rowley around is definitely not helping.”
“I figure if I bulk up now, it could actually come in handy down the road. The football unit is coming in the spring, and they split the teams up into shirts and skins. And I ALWAYS get put on skins. I think they do that to make all the out-of-shape kids feel ashamed of themselves.”
“I note the window I must have climbed out of, since it’s the only one with roof access. For some reason, I expected it to be higher, and I’m embarrassed. Like it’s an insult to my manliness that such a puny fall scrambled my brains.”
“Ah, now that would be greedy of me, wouldn’t it? All things considered, though, I’d be heartily embarrassed if Sebell- my Journeyman is to have possession of the other egg- secured a queen instead.”
“Really, if people weren’t so intent on keeping young women completely ignorant of the realities of marriage, scenes like this could be avoided.”
″‘ doubt you will soon be marrying a duchess or something.’ ‘Not at all said Mr. Salteena you must know Ethel he said blushing a deep red I always wished to marry you some fine day.‘”
“Well, now she had said it and he was still wretched--wretched that she should have thought it such a perfect afternoon for Obstacle Golf, that she should have trotted away to join Henry Foster, that she should have found him funny for not wanting to talk of their most private affairs in public.”
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