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His mother forces him to put on a pretty pink frock with fiddly shell buttons, and then he has to go to school.
Forced to go to school in a frilly pink dress, Bill discovers one of the worst days in his life is about to begin. Baffled by the way things are just different for girls, Bill falls headlong into trouble.
When he gets home he gets changed into his jeans and shirt realizing that he’s finally a boy again.
It allows boys and girls to see each others worlds as in the story, Bill is traumatized to find that he cannot play football because he is a girl.
The boys take up the whole playground playing while the girls must sit at the edge of the playground.
The day is filled with adventures and events that Bill has never before encountered and is a huge learning curve for him. At school Bill is faced with a variety of obstacles that force him to see the way that girls are treated.
However worst of all, Bill is cast to play Rapunzel in the school play. He finds it difficult as a girl as he sees how they are treated differently at his school and becomes very frustrated at how he is expected to behave in a certain way, as a girl.
At school that day, he faces the reality that girls are treated very differently from boys while he struggles in vain to stop his dress getting dirty.
One morning, almost as if in a dream, Billy wakes up to find that he has turned into a girl!
Bill finds is so strange being a girl and everything is so different. He spends his day being forced to keep his dress clean but eventually it gets ruined.

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