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11 of the best book quotes about branches
“You have taken root in the Beloved. I love your golden branches And the hundred graceful movements Your body now makes each time The wind, children and love come near.”
″‘I don’t think you have particularly good manners with ladies,’ said Pippi. Then she lifted him high into the air with her strong arms. She carried him into a nearby birch tree, and hung him across a branch.”
“They sat and they thought (all owls think a lot)- ‘I think we should all sit on my branch,’ said Sarah. And they did, all three together.”
“And we crawl in the Fall, and we dance on the branches way up in the tree.”
“When it blows don’t fall off, don’t wriggle or cough, hold tight to the branches way up in the tree.”
“The sun was high in the sky when the party came to the grove of towering trees. Their uppermost branches seemed to bow down to Nyasha as she passed beneath them. At last, someone announced that they were near their destination.”
“He walked on, quite unconscious of the direction in which he was going, and more than once finding his hat knocked off by branch of a tree which he had not perceived- for the best of all possible reasons, because his eyes were cast on the ground- when his ears were saluted with the neighing of a horse.”
“Nothing ever went wrong at the back of the north wind and the only thing one ever missed was someone he loved who had not yet got there. But if one at the back of the north wind wanted to know how things were going with any one he loved, he had only to go to a certain tree, and climb up and sit down in the branches.”
“He called this place his nest. He went to it by going up a little rope ladder that hung from a branch of the big beech tree. When he reached the limb the rope hung from, he went climbing higher and higher. Up among the leafy branches and away at the top, he found a safe and comfortable seat which he called his nest.”
“I’ll tell you this: El Patrón has his good side and his bad side. When he was young, he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow one way or the other. He grew large and green until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted.”
“They sparkled like diamonds and gumdrops and gold! Like silk! Like spaghetti! Like satin! Like lace! They burst out like rockets all over the place! They waved in the air and they swished in the breeze! And some were as long as the branches of trees.”
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