Chris Grabenstein Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Chris Grabenstein
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    ″‘What’s a big word for ‘library’?′ Charles asked his tutor. ‘Teachers love big words.‘”
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    “Balloons. There might be balloons.”
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    ″‘Hang on,’ said Miguel. ‘What about Willy Wonka? Were there criminals in the chocolate factory?’
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    ″‘The clever thieves,’ Kyle read from the book, ‘took up residence in an abandoned dress factory next door to the Gold Leaf Bank and spent weeks tunneling from its basement in to the bank vault.‘”
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    ″‘I’m coming with you,’ said Mr Lemoncello. ‘I just have to see how this story ends!‘”
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    “This library is like a good book. You just gotta check it out!”
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    ″‘Hurry everybody!’ said Mr Lemoncello. ‘I don’t want to be late to my own birthday party.‘”
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    “The boy who proved what I’ve always known to be true: The game is never over till it’s over.BONG!”