Edmond Rostand Quotes

22 of the best book quotes from Edmond Rostand
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    “She creates grace in her own image, brings
    Heaven to earth in one movement of her hand.”
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    “For a great nose indicates a great man.”
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    “Yes, all our souls are written in our eyes!”
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    “You may go—
    Or tell me why are you staring at my nose!”
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    “I do not love you . . . I adore you!”
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    “There comes one moment, once—and God help those
    Who pass that moment by!—when Beauty stands
    Looking into the soul with grave, sweet eyes
    That sicken at pretty words!”
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    “I wish I had a woman too,
    Walking with little steps under the moon,
    And holding my arm so, and smiling.”
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    “Who knows her smile has known a perfect thing.”
  3. #10
    “And to complete
    This Punchinello figure—such a nose!—
    My lords, there is no such nose as that nose.”
  4. #11
    “Why, there is nothing more sublime than tears.”
  5. #12
    “Whom I love? Think a moment. Think of me—
    Me, whom the plainest woman would despise—
    Me, with this nose of mine that marches on
    Before me by a quarter of an hour!
    Whom should I love? Why—of course—it must be
    The woman in the world most beautiful.”
  6. #14
    “Forgive me
    For being light and vain and loving you
    Only because you were beautiful.”

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  1. #15
    “Who was everything, yet was naught.”
  2. #16
    ″‘To be struck down,
    Pierced by sword i’ the heart, from a hero’s hand!′
    That I had dreamed. O mockery of Fate!
    —Killed, I! of all men—in an ambuscade!
    Struck from behind, and by a lackey’s hand!
    ‘Tis very well. I am foiled, foiled in all,
    Even in my death.”
  3. #17
    “But who fights ever hoping for success?
    I fought for lost cause, and for fruitless quest!”
  4. #18
    “Yet I fall fighting, fighting still!”
  5. #19
    “There was the allegory of my whole life:
    I, in the shadow, at the ladder’s foot,
    While others lightly mount to Love and Fame!”
  6. #20
    “I know you now, old enemies of mine!
    Falsehood! . . . Have at you! Ha! and Compromise!
    Prejudice, Treachery!. . .
    Surrender, I?
    Parley? No, never! You too, Folly,—you?
    I know that you will lay me low at last;
    Let be! Yet I fall fighting, fighting still!”
  7. #21
    “But since Death comes,
    I meet him still afoot . . .
    And sword in hand!”
  8. #22
    “But I have had your friendship—grace to you
    A woman’s charm has passed across my path.”
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