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“If they pool their resources and take turns spending the whole amount, they can each have at least one memorable Saturday afternoon of their own.”
″ Before long, I.S.A.A.C. is in operation and every Saturday is definitely one to remember. Each Melendy child is able to do exactly what he or she pleases, discovering new ideas along the way.”
“Written more than half a century ago, The Saturdays unfolds with all the ripe details of a specific place and period but remains, just the same, a winning, timeless tale.”
“The four Melendy children live with their father, a widowed professor of economics, and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper, in a brownstone in New York City.”
“But when Oliver, who is six, wants to be out on his own, too, the rest of the family has second thoughts.”
“Tired of wasting Saturdays doing nothing but wishing for larger allowances, the four Melendys jump at Randy’s idea to start the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club (I.S.A.A.C.). ”
“There’s thirteen-year-old Mona, who has her heart set on becoming an actress; twelve-year-old mischievous Rush, who plays the piano.”
“There is ten-year-old Miranda “Randy” who loves to dance and paint; and thoughtful Oliver, who is six.”
“Randy becomes friends with an old lady who was once kidnapped by gypsies, Rush brings home a stray dog, and Mona shocks her family by taking her first step toward adulthood.”
“The four Melendy children live with their father and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper, in a worn but comfortable brownstone in New York City.”
“The four Melendy children live with their father, a widowed professor of economics, and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper. During the height of World War II, the Melendy family moves out of New York City and into the countryside.”
“Miranda “Randy”, the third child, dislikes change and is saddened by the move. But the house they move into turns out to be an adventure.”
“None of them could have guessed at the secret hidden in their very own play space, the office—a secret that had been shut away for over 60 years.”
“Called by locals “The Four-Story Mistake”, it is an odd-looking house with a rich architectural history, surrounded by the country.”
“The four Melendy children soon find adventure discovering the many hidden attractions of the house.”
“Oliver discovers buried history, Rush is stranded in a tree during a storm, Randy finds a diamond in the most unlikely of places, and Mona learns what it truly means to be an actress.”
“Well, thank goodness there aren’t going to be any more children here anyway!′ said Randy crossly. She spoke crossly because she was sad and she preferred sounding cross to sounding sorrowful, even though there was no one in the room except herself.”
“Though disappointed about leaving their old brownstone in New York City, and apprehensive about living the country life, the four Melendy kids soon settle into this unusual new home.”
“They become absorbed in the adventures of the country, adjusting themselves with all their accustomed resourcefulness and discovering the many hidden attractions that the Four-Story Mistake has to offer.”
“Written in the 1940s and 1950s, they are a glimpse of childhood as it was. Kids go on adventures, ride the bus, attend the circus and concerts - all by themselves. As long as they get home by dinner and remember the family’s rules of “don’t talk to strangers and if you get lost, you can always ask a policeman” - all is well.”

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