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Seven of the best book quotes about enjoying things
We’re defeatists and we stop striving or fighting or enjoying things.
“It ‘s cold in the park in winter. But Percy the park keeper doesn’t mind. He puts on his warm coat and his big scarf and wears two pairs of woolly socks inside his wellington boots. Percy likes to be out in the fresh air.”
“He was enjoying his trip immensely. It was beautiful weather. Day and night he moved up and down, up and down, on waves as big as mountains, and he was full of wonder, full of enterprise, and full of love for life.”
“I wriggled my toes, enjoying the feel of the warm sand trickling like fine baby powder between them. Digging my feet even deeper into the dry, yellow-white sand, I tilted back my head. It was such a beautiful August afternoon.”
“I thought you were a Parsee and celebrate only the Parsee festivals.” “Oh no, no, no, boy,” cried Mr. Panwallah comically. “What would be the fun of that? And why should I miss the fun of all the Hindu and Muslim festivals? No, no, I believe in sharing everything, enjoying everything. That is why I have so much fun, eh? No gloom for me, eh?”
“It was impossible just to swim and float in the morning sunshine as if nobody had anything else of which to think.”
“And Snap features throughout the story from then on, enjoying, and joining in, the high jinks that the Bobbsey twins get up to and that includes ice skating, sledging, enjoying a Halloween party and dramatically fighting a fire at the family boathouse.”
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