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20 of the best book quotes from Laura Lee Hope
“The Bobbsey Twins — two sets of fraternal twins, Nan and Bert, and the younger Flossie and Freddie. While the older twins are dark-haired and of serious disposition, the younger two are impish and blond.”
“My favorite, as I recall, was Flossie. Her father often referred fondly to her as “my fat fairy.”
“The twins’ father, Mr. Bobbsey, is a lumberyard owner in Lakeport; their mother, Mary, is a stay-at-home mom, as was common in those times.”
“The Bobbsey family lived in the large town of Lakeport, situated at the head of the Lake Metoka, a clear and beautiful sheet of water upon which the twins love to go boating. Mr. Richard Bobbsey was a lumber merchant, with a large yard and docks on the lake shore.”
“I don’t want to be any stenogerer,′ put in Flossie. ‘I’m going to keep a candy store, and have all the candy I want, and ice-cream_”
“It was Saturday, with no school, so all of the boys and girls of the neighborhood were out. Some of the girls were skipping rope, and Nan joined these, while Bert went off to join a crowd of boys in a game of football.”
“Mr. Bobbsey was startled and with good reason, for the had heard of more than one little girl dying from too much jumping. He took the limp form up in his arms and hurried to the Lavine house with it. ‘Run and tell Doctor Briskett,’ he called back to Nan.”
“I—I—guess so,′ answered Nan. ‘Oh, Bert, it’s dreadful! I was turning the rope and she had reached ninety-seven, when all at once she sank down, and—’ Nan could not go on, but leaned on her twin brother’s arm for support.”
“It was long after the dinner hour before the excitement died away. Then it was learned that Grace was resting quietly in an easy chair and the doctor had ordered that she be kept quiet for several days. She was very much frightened and had told her parents that she would never jump rope again.”
“Bert’s wish for snow was soon gratified. Sunday morning found it snowing steadily, the soft flakes coming down silently and covering the ground to the depth of several inches. ‘Winter has come after all!’ cried the boy. ‘Wish it was Monday instead of Sunday.”
“The Bobbsey twins are wonderful for 6+. Burt, Nan, Flossie and Freddie solve a mystery at school when the principle Mr. Tetlow opens a school museum with...
“Bert and Nan and younger brother and sister Freddie and Flossie and their parents are travelling home on the train, discussing the next school term, when a circus train in front of them hits trouble.”
“The result is animals from the circus are wandering around the train tracks. Fortunately nobody is hurt but the animals need rounding up so the Bobbseys keep out of the way until that is sorted out.”
“However, the circus train blocks the track so they decide to walk the short distance to their home but they discover that their black cat Snoop is missing along with a silver cup that was jolted out of their luggage in the sudden stop.”
“However, they do find that they have a new companion in a white shaggy dog who will not leave them.”
“They try to discover its owner without success so in the end it goes home with them and it is then that they discover that the dog can perform tricks so they suspect that it belongs to someone at the circus.”
“But as nobody claims the dog, they keep it and decide to call it Snap.”
“And Snap features throughout the story from then on, enjoying, and joining in, the high jinks that the Bobbsey twins get up to and that includes ice skating, sledging, enjoying a Halloween party and dramatically fighting a fire at the family boathouse.”
“And at school the twins battle with the school bully, one Danny Rugg. He is determined to cause the twins trouble and they are constantly confronting him. ”
“Eventually, after plenty of fun and plenty of school rivalry, everything turns out fine; Snoop is discovered, the silver cup turns up, Snap is allowed to stay with the Bobbseys and life at Lakeport returns to normal once more.”

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