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Six of the best book quotes about beautiful
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    “stay strong through your pain
    grow flowers from it
    you have helped me
    grow flowers out of mine so
    bloom beautifully
    bloom softly
    however you need
    just bloom”
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    “you tell me to quiet down cause my opinions make me less beautiful but i was not made with a fire in my belly so i could be put out i was not made with a lightness on my tongue so i could be easy to swallow i was made heavy half blade and half silk difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow”
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    “Keep something beautiful in your heart to survive difficult times and enjoy good times.”
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    ″‘I honestly never thought of her as anything but my crazy beautiful friend who does all the crazy beautiful things.‘”
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    “It must be said that Lacey Pemberton was very beautiful. She was not the kind of girl who could make your forget about Margo Roth Spiegelman, but she was the kind of girl who could make you forget about a lot of things.”
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    “How he realized, all at once, just how beautiful a woman can be.”

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