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Five of the best book quotes about wonders
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    “For it is owing to their wonder that men both now begin and at first began to philosophize; they wondered originally at the obvious difficulties, then advanced little by little and stated difficulties about the greater matters . . . they were pursuing science in order to know, and not for any utilitarian end.”
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    “If, then, God is always in that good state in which we sometimes are, this compels our wonder; and if in a better this compels it yet more. And God is in a better state. And life also belongs to God; for the actuality of thought is life, and God is that actuality; and God’s self-dependent actuality is life most good and eternal.”
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    “When we accept small wonders, we qualify ourselves to imagine great wonders.”
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    “The devotee of myth is in a way a philosopher, for myth is made up of things that cause wonder.”
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    “And a man who is puzzled and wonders thinks himself ignorant.”