flat Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about flat
The story falls flat on the scare factor as the wolves are only perceived as the usual unwelcome guests in the family’s home and the story is slow-paced as it took time for the family to decide to rush back to their home.
“I want to be a regular shape again, like other people. It’s not fair.”
“Stanley enjoyed going in and out of rooms by sliding through the crack at the bottom of the door. ”
“He was four feet tall, about a foot wide, and half an inch thick.”
“He stood with the end of the hose in his mouth, clamping his lips tightly so no air could escape.”
“Well, evidently you can have flat volcanoes. And we’re sitting right on the edge of one. Doesn’t it make you feel funny?”
“Mr. Jeremy shoved the boat out again a little way, and dropped the bait. There was a bite almost directly; the float gave a tremendous bobbit! ‘A minnow! a minnow! I have him by the nose!’ cried Mr. Jeremy Fisher, jerking up his rod. But what a horrible surprise! Instead of a smooth fat minnow, Mr. Jeremy landed little Jack Sharp the stickleback, covered with spines!”
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