Gary Lezak Quotes

12 of the best book quotes from Gary Lezak
“When the skies darken and the thunder rumbles, if you’re like most of us, you’re probably quick to grab the TV remote and check the weather. You want to know how bad the coming storm is going to be.”
“Windy, Breeze, and Stormy heard this and their ears perked up. An adventure meant a car ride, and they did love car rides. So they thought, ‘why not? Let’s go!”
“They were so many possibilities. Misty, Hailey, Rainy, Foggy, and many more! Finally Gary decided “Sunny” would be the new dog’s name!”
“During the trip, Windy, Breezy, and Stormy sometimes stuck their heads out the open windows of the car. They loved the way the wind caught their ears and caused them to flap and flutter.”
“Meet Windy, Breeze, and Stormy! They belong to Gary, a cool TV weather man who has been making people smile with stories about his dogs for more than 20 years.”
“Known as much for his effervescent personality as he is his professional accuracy, Gary is the most trusted and popular weather guru in the region.”
“But Gary was already thinking about that very question. In fact, right at that moment, he asked the TV viewers what name they would choose.”
“One day, the three dogs were snuggling on the couch, watching Gary on TV. After the weather forecast he began talking about a new puppy he was going to adopt.”
“When he got home they all jumped in the car and went to the animal shelter to pick her up. Sunny was so excited to be part of a new family.”
“Sunny was still very young and car rides made her nervous. Her sisters did their best to make her feel comfortable. They all laid dow in the back of the car to show her what to do.”
“Gary could tell Windy, Breeze, and Stormy were a little uneasy about adding to their family. An idea came to him. ‘I know!’ he said. ‘We need to spend some time together and get to know each other... Let’s go on an adventure!”
“A new puppy?′ they thought. ‘Why didn’t we know about this?’ ‘What do you think he will name her?’ Windy asked her doggy sisters.”
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