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“You swore you loved me, and laughed and warned me that you would not love me forever. I did not hear you. You were speaking in a language I did not understand.”
“From far away she thought she heard her mother calling...but it wasn’t her.”
“Then out of the darkness, clearer and clearer, the sound of sobbing came nearer and nearer.”
“Soon the Jolly Postman, We hear tell, Stopped at a door with a giant bell And a giant Bottle of milk as well”
“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind- you are the one who hears it.”
“Windy, Breeze, and Stormy heard this and their ears perked up. An adventure meant a car ride, and they did love car rides. So they thought, ‘why not? Let’s go!”
“She had an eye to see and an ear to hear: he could show her things and tell her things, and taste the bliss of feeling that all he imparted left long reverberations and echoes he could wake at will.”
“Amos, a mouse, lived by the ocean. He loved the ocean. He loved the smell of sea air. He loved to hear the surf sounds- the bursting breakers, the backwashes with rolling pebbles. He thought a lot about the ocean, and he wondered about the faraway places on the other side of the water.”
“The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see, hear what he could hear, smell what he could smell, touch what he could touch, and taste what he could taste; what a busy bear!”
“Yes, he had heard it all his life, but it was only now that his ears were opened to this sound that came from darkness, that could only come from darkness, that yet bore such sure witness to the glory of the light.”
“Did you ever hear of Mickey, how he heard a racket in the night and shouted, ‘Quiet down there!’ and fell through the dark, out his clothes, past the moon & his mama & papa sleeping tight into the light of the night kitchen?”
“I have stared at a book pretending I couldn’t hear what was going on around me, too. If people think you can’t hear them, they talk as if you couldn’t. You can hear some pretty neat stuff that way.”
“And the monster is back. Every now and then he can hear it move under the bed. It sighs. It licks its paws. Sometimes it turns over. It never does anything, but it lies there.”
“You do not hear the wind blow on this inclement day, when the world is shrugging it’s shoulders.”
“Parents, educators, other adults, institutions- the culture itself- may say one thing to children about nature’s gifts, but so many of our actions and messages- especially the ones we cannot hear ourselves deliver- are different. And children hear very well.”
″ ‘Grandmamma, what great arms you have got!’ ‘That is the better to hug thee, my dear’ ‘Grandmama, what great legs you have got!’ ‘That is to run the better, my child’ ‘Grandmamma, what great ears you have got!’ ‘That is to hear the better, my child’ ‘Grandmamma, what great eyes you have got!’ ‘It is to see the better, my child’. ”
“Dad had heard about somebody riding a bike down the Kvarngatan steps. So, it was you, was it! He clapped Johnny on the back and said it was lucky Johnny wasn’t one of his kids, or he’d have had something to say about it. Johnny didn’t look specially worried.”
“Jess was prodded awake by the tow of somebody’s shoe. The somebody bent down, peering at her in the gloomy first light. She smelled bilious breath and heard a voice mumbling: ‘What’ve we got? A bleedin’ varmint in my place. Out th’goes!”
“It was dark when I heard it. I’d been asleep. God knows how. I guess it was my mind’s way of denying reality. Anyway, I woke up suddenly and there was this awful noise; a sort of moaning, and a shuffling sound outside the bunker.”
“It splashes. He likes to hear the sounds it makes.”
“Jarl heard the shout as his tired arms lifted and fell at his paddling, and his legs, starting to rub raw, gripped the wayward raft which he straddled. For a moment, he thought it was the cry of the seabirds that were stirring in the morning.”
“And the pig answered, ‘Not by the hear of my chinny-chin-chin.’ The wolf said, ‘Then I’huff and I’pull blow your house in!”
“Only Jessika can hear him speak and so the other people start worrying about her.”
“Mr. Bear, do you see these two ears on my head? My ears are so keen and so sharp and so fine. No ears in the world can hear further than mine!”
″‘Most people don’t want to hear the thing that will make it work better,’ I said. ‘They want to hear what will make it easier.‘”

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