Glendy Vanderah Quotes

18 of the best book quotes from Glendy Vanderah
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    “If she’d learned one thing in the last two years, it was that life could be hard enough without adding petty resentments.”
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    “Sometimes bad things happen to make good things happen.”
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    “Jo had absorbed many of her parents’ philosophies, and one of them was the belief that children deserved to be told the truth as much as possible.”
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    “The flower whisperer who made everyone and everything around her bloom. Her light is still with us, growing love across the universe.”
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    “We’re at the creek catching fish with a holey net. Understandably, this may take some time. Come join us if you enjoy frustration.”
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    “She’s kind of like a baby. She didn’t know she was supposed to grow up, and that makes her more fun than other grown-up people.”
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    “The horrific crush of humanity on my soul. Haven’t you ever felt it?” “I think I have—in Walmart.”
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    “Why do men often call smart women devious?”
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    “Such was life with a double dose of analytical genes.”
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    “Art is supposed to represent how you see the world, not exactly copy it.”
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    “As always, words fail when you most want to say the right thing.”
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    “When I knew my mother would be dead in a few months, I had two choices . . .” She looked at him. “I could distance myself from the pain or get closer to it. Maybe because I’d lost my dad without getting a chance to tell him what he meant to me, I decided to get closer. I got so close, her pain and fear became my own. We shared everything and loved each other like we never had when death was some distant thing.”
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    “I’ve decided language isn’t as advanced as we think it is. We’re still apes trying to express our thoughts with grunts while most of what we want to communicate stays locked in our brains.”
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    “Like most people who’ve never experienced it, your view of depression is optimistically misguided.”
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    “Dealing with the pain was a day-by-day ordeal.”
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    “Kids are smarter than we think. They know how to survive the shit that’s dealt them better than some welfare worker who never spent a day in one of those kids’ shoes.”
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    “Lots of crazy people are smart.”
  9. #18
    “People think they have to say something, and it never makes me feel better.”

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