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Five of the best book quotes about heavy
“Grandma is surprised when she sees the bag. ‘Sweetheart, what is this?’ ‘Potatoes? No wonder it was heavy. But sweetie, you were supposed to buy beans. A bag of beans. ‘Beans! That’s what I said. I said I wanted beans, but she gave me potatoes anyway.’ ‘She gave you potatoes even though you asked for beans? What kind of person is she!”
″ ‘That’s the breakdown train,’ he said. ‘When there’s an accident, the workmen get into the coach and the engine takes them quickly to help the hurt people and to clear and mend the line. The cranes are for lifting heavy things like engines and coaches and freight cars.’ ”
“But his eyes grew tired, and more and more tired. His eyelids grew so heavy that they would keep tumbling down over his eyes. He kept lifting them and lifting them. But everytime, they were heavier than the last. It was no use! They were too much for him. Sometimes before he got them halfway up, down they went again. At length, he gave it up quite, and the moment he gave it up, he was fast asleep!”
“What I hope is they ain’t going to have one of them new-fangled garbage cans that’s buried in the ground, them ones with heavy iron lids. Why, they’re downright dangerous, oughtn’t to be allowed.”
“You can’t go about the world being nothing, but if are a traveller you have to carry a bag, while if you are a swagman, you have to carry a swag, and the question is: Which is the heavier?”
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