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18 of the best book quotes about engines
“A thoroughbred racehorse is one of God’s most impressive engines.”
“Wilson felt the pleasure of amusement. Whoever spoke was wrong, of course - as would be established soon enough when the engine was examined and they checked his wound more closely. Then they’d realize that he’d saved them all.”
″...where the great main line to the North, and the great main line to the South met the little branch line on which the Little Red Engine was running.”
“The Big Black Engine was called Pride o’ the North, written in letters of gold on its side, and the Big Green Engine was called Beauty of the South...”
“It will take three day to move her,′ said the driver, scratching his head, and sat down on the lines to wait for help to come.”
“Then, you’ve got a lot to learn about freight cars, Thomas. They are silly things and must be kept in their place. After pushing them about here for a few weeks, you’ll know almost as much about them as Edward. Then you’ll be a Really Useful Engine.”
“Now Thomas is as happy as can be. He has a branch line all to himself, and puffs proudly backward and forward with two coaches all day. He is never lonely because there is always some engine to talk to at the junction.”
“Thomas used to grumble in the shed at night. ‘I’m tired of pushing coaches. I want to see the world.’ The others didn’t take much notice, for Thomas was a little engine who talked big,”
“He worked hard - he knew now that he wasn’t as clever as he had thought. Besides, Sir Topham Hatt had been kind to him, and he wanted to learn all about freight cars so he could be a Really Useful Engine.”
“Poor Thomas couldn’t answer. He had no breath. He just puffed slowly away to rest and had a long, long drink. He went home very slowly and was careful afterward never to be cheeky to Gordon again.”
″ ‘That’s the breakdown train,’ he said. ‘When there’s an accident, the workmen get into the coach and the engine takes them quickly to help the hurt people and to clear and mend the line. The cranes are for lifting heavy things like engines and coaches and freight cars.’ ”
“Now, freight cars are silly and noisy. They talk a lot and don’t attend to what they are doing. They don’t listen to their engine, and when he stops, they bump into each other, screaming, ‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Whatever is happening?’ And, I’m sorry to say, they play tricks on an engine who is not used to them.”
“Thomas was a cheeky little engine, too. He thought no engine worked as hard as he did. So he used to play tricks on them. He liked best of all to come quietly beside a big engine dozing on the siding and make him jump.”
“Edward and Henry stop quite often and tell him the news. Gordon is always in a hurry and does not stop, but he never forgets to say, ‘poop poop’ to little Thomas, and Thomas always whistles. ‘Peep peep’ in return.”
“Water is used to put fires out. The water runs through the pipes under the street. The firemen attached a hose between the water hydrant and the pumper engine. The pumper engine got water from the hydrant and squirted it out through the hose nozzle.”
“All presente and correct,′ the driver added. Ahead of us, the other Granada was already parked near the front entrance - but there was no sign of Dad or Nicola. Our driver switched off the lights and the engine. ‘You folks go in, I ‘ll bring the bags,’ he said as he got out.”
“Uncle is an elephant. He’s immensely rich, and he’s a B.A. He dresses well, generally, in a purple dressing gown, and often rides on a traction engine, which he prefers to a car.”
“The little houses, all huddled together in the village, with the smoke coming straight up out of the chimneys, the sheep on the hills, and far away, bright in the morning sun, he could see the sea.”

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