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    “But there was some undercurrent of understanding between this mother and daughter that had more to do with evil than with love. I was sensible of that immediately. It was as if these two moved together through dark and swirling waters toward some whirlpool they could not avoid. And would not think of avoiding.”
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    “Everyone has some darkness inside. It’s like a hungry creature. It wants and wants and wants with a terrible power.”
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    “Without the dark there isn’t light. Without the pain there is no relief.”
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    “I discovered that the dragon had put a charm on me: no weapon could cut me. I could walk up to the meadhall whenever I pleased, and they were powerless. My heart became darker because of that. Though I scorned them, sometimes hated them, there had been something between myself and men when we could fight. Now, invulnerable, I was as solitary as one live tree in a vast landscape of coal.”
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    “You, darkness, of whom I am born- I love you more than the flame that limits the world to the circle it illumines and excludes the rest.”
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    In admitting my shadow side I learn who I am and what God’s grace means.
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    “I love the dark hours of my being.
    My mind deepens into them.
    There I can find, as in old letters,
    the days of my life, already lived,
    and held like a legend, and understood.”
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    “I don’t pretend to understand why, but in my darker moments I find cold cleansing. Not refreshing so much as necessary.”
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    “She could not understand him; the words were indeed remote. Yet as he spoke the darkness was withdrawn, veil after veil, and she saw to the bottom of her soul.”
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    “The suffocating darkness had already descended on me and was infesting every inch of my soul as I feared never seeing him again. Nothing they could do to me would be worse than that, worse than the crippling ache that was already in my heart, killing me from the inside out.”
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    “The death of my childhood naivety had come to pass. I trusted no one and I feared nothing, not even death itself, for everything I loved in this world had already been taken away from me. Ripped from my heart like a bandage. There was nothing left inside but darkness... darkness breeding darkness, and I was at one with it now.”
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    “Or are their dark fears exaggerated?
    Are these doom-criers addlepated?
    Those who fear the coming of all Hells
    are those who should be feared themselves”
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    “Thank you for seeing the stars within my soul
    when all I saw was pain, scars, and darkness”
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    “He could have run, could have wept, could have clung to the sides of the skiff until the darkness took him, but he did none of those things. He stood unflinching before the gathering dark. ”
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    “A book about the Dark Powers of the President, a book in which Abelard argued that the tales the common people told about the president—that he was supernatural, that he was not human—may in some ways have been true. That it was possible that Trujillo was, if not in fact, then in principle, a creature from another world!”

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