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20 of the best book quotes from The Book of Hours
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    “You see, I want a lot.
    Perhaps I want everything
    the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
    and the shivering blaze of every step up.”
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    “So like children, we begin again...
    to fall,
    patiently to trust our heaviness.
    Even a bird has to do that
    before he can fly.”
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    “If we surrendered
    to earth’s intelligence
    we could rise up rooted, like trees.”
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    “Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
    Just keep going. No feeling is final.
    Don’t let yourself lose me.”
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    “And if at night one holds you closely pressed,
    locked in his prayers so you cannot stray,
    … are the guest
    …..who comes, but not to stay.”
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    “I know you’re all alone in that room.
    If you should be thirsty, there’s no one
    to get you a glass of water.
    I wait listening, always. Just give me a sign!
    I’m right here...”
  1. #7
    “I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone enough.”
  2. #8
    “You, God, who live next door--
    If at times, through the long night, I trouble you
    with my urgent knocking--
    this is why: I hear you breathe so seldom.”
  3. #9
    “God, do not lose your equilibrium.
    Even he who loves you and discerns your face
    in darkness, when he trembles like a light
    you breathe upon, — he cannot own you quite.”
  4. #10
    “You, darkness, of whom I am born- I love you more than the flame that limits the world to the circle it illumines and excludes the rest.”
  5. #11
    “So many live on and want nothing
    And are raised to the rank of prince
    By the slippery ease of their light judgments
    But what you love to see are faces
    that do work and feel thirst.”
  6. #12
    “God speaks to each of us as he makes us,
    then walks with us silently out of the night.”

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  1. #13
    “Put out my eyes, and I can see you still;
    slam my ears to, and I can hear you yet;
    and without any feet can go to you;
    and tongueless, I can conjure you at will.”
  2. #14
    “You love most of all those who need you
    as they need a crowbar or a hoe.
    You have not grown old, and it is not too late
    To dive into your increasing depths
    where life calmly gives out its own secret.”
  3. #15
    “I read it in your word, and learn it from
    the history of the gestures of your warm
    wise hands, rounding themselves to form
    and circumscribe the shapes that are to come.”
  4. #16
    “I am the rest between two notes
    which, struck together, sound discordantly,
    because death’s note would claim a higher key.
    But in the dark pause, trembling, the notes meet,
    And the song continues sweet.”
  5. #17
    “I am circling around God, around the ancient tower, and I have been circling for a thousand years, and I still don’t know if I am a falcon, or a storm, or a great song.”
  6. #18
    “I love the dark hours of my being.
    My mind deepens into them.
    There I can find, as in old letters,
    the days of my life, already lived,
    and held like a legend, and understood.”
  7. #19
    “God, who can hold you? To yourself alone
    belonging, by no owner’s hand disturbed,
    you are like unripened wine that unperturbed
    grows ever sweeter and is all alone.”
  8. #20
    “I am a house gutted by fire where only the guilty sometimes sleep before the punishment that devours them hounds them out in the open.”
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