Whiskey Words and a Shovel Quotes

22 of the best book quotes from Whiskey Words and a Shovel
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    “You kill your future by mourning the past”
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    “Overwhelmed by a sea of emotions.
    Sometimes you have to drown
    to learn how to swim.”
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    “I hate the moments between
    meeting someone and leaving
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    “There’s this brief feeling of trust
    before the paranoia that seeps in”
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    “Smiling with sad eyes I’ve seen what you’ve been hiding”
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    “Emotional CPR. We try our hardest to force life into things that must die and that’s what hurts the most.”
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    “Thank you for seeing the stars within my soul
    when all I saw was pain, scars, and darkness”
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    “I’ve always given myself in
    small doses and sometimes
    nothing at all.”
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    “Truth is you’re not okay, but you will be.
  3. #10
    “once you begin to realize that
    they’re just like everyone else
    you’ve met before”
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    “I don’t remember the time where a smile actually meant happiness sadly, so many of my peers only smile to hide things”
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    “Absence and peace. Your absence taught me how to live without you time away taught me to find peace in being alone.”
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    “One day your love for yourself
    will outweigh the love
    that keeps you holding onto someone
    who chooses to hurt you;”
  7. #14
    “I’m still trying to forgive myself
    for all the things I failed to become.
    I’m still trying to make peace
    with all the broken pieces of my past.”

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  1. #15
    “Loving the wrong person is self-harm”
  2. #16
    “Instead of teaching women how to keep a man
    let’s encourage them to be the greatest things to and for themselves.”
  3. #17
    “There’s still magic in a heart that’s been broken”
  4. #18
    “The pain means you’re alive. The scars mean you’ve survived.”
  5. #19
    “A woman’s value is not validated by her ability to attract and or keep a man”
  6. #20
    “One day the love for yourself
    will be your strength-
    that love will be more than enough reason
    for you to walk away for good.”
  7. #21
    “Whatever joy she had left she found the strength to pick up the pieces and that was truly beautiful she is strong, she is you”
  8. #22
    “and so I’ve learned to expect
    sometimes my emotional switch
    remains off
    you can’t get hurt if you feel
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