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Five of the best book quotes about intellect
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    Intellectually, they knew a great deal. Practically, they chose to know almost nothing.
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    “To be smart is not a sin. But to be smart and not use it, that, Peekay, is a sin.”
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    “‘Experts, what did I tell you about experts, Peekay?’
    ‘You can’t always go by expert opinion. A chicken, if you ask a chicken, should be stuffed with grasshoppers, mieles, and worms.‘”
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    “Your brain, Peekay, has two functions; it is a place for original thought, but also it is a reference library. Use it to tell you where to look, and then you will have for yourself all the brains that have ever been.”
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    “Man, by reason of his greater intellect, can more reasonably hope to equal birds in knowledge than to equal nature in the perfection of her machinery.”

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