Matt Fitzgerald Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Matt Fitzgerald
“Gratitude” is about letting go of desired outcomes and fully embracing the privilege and process of pursuing goals and dreams.”
““Believe” refers to the confidence that arises naturally through this process, a self-trust that is the antithesis of the doubt-fueled fixation on goals and dreams.”
“There is no experience quite like that of driving yourself to the point of wanting to give up and then not giving up.”
“In that moment of “raw reality,” as Mark Allen has called it, when something inside you asks, How bad do you want it?, an inner curtain is drawn open, revealing a part of you that is not seen except in moments of crisis. And when your answer is to keep pushing, you come away from the trial with the kind of self-knowledge and self-respect that can’t be bought.”
“More often, they insist that their advantage lies not in having more to give but rather in being able to give more of what they have.”
“Physical fitness determines where the wall that represents your physical limit is placed. Mental fitness determines how close you are able to get to that limit in competition.”
″...people often choose to expect the worst of an upcoming experience in hopes of creating a more favorable contrast between their expectations and reality.”
“If you accept as fact that the only limitations you ever encounter in your sport are mental, then you will become a better fire walker, creeping closer to your unreachable physical limit than you would otherwise.”
“One cannot improve as an endurance athlete except by changing one’s relationship with perception of effort.”
“Because the only way to become really good at coping with the discomforts and stresses of endurance sports is to experience them.”
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