Mira Lobe Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Mira Lobe
‘A snowman becomes mobile, and in his wanderings decides to seek a place where he can live and never melt.”
“After Liza gives a lonely snowman a drink of hot tea, he walks into the countryside where a crow warns him he must travel north or melt.”
“A snowman stood in a garden in front of a house. There was nothing special about him. He was just an ordinary snowman.”
“Inside the house it was warm. The family sat in the dining room, drinking tea and eating cookies left over from Christmas.”
“Liza went to the window and breathed on the frosted glass. She made a little peephole and peered through it. ‘Poor snowman, she thought, he must be veery cold. I’ll take him a cup fo tea and warm him up.”
“Liza ran into the garden, gave the snowman a drink of tea, then hurried back inside the house. The snowman was very surprised. In his tummy there was a warm, creeping, crawling feeling...”
“it’s because of the tea Liza gave me.′ He chuckled. ‘Why, I am not just a snowman, I m a glowman!’ Then he thought, ‘A glowing nab us a going man, so I must go.”
“Then he thought, ‘A glowing man is a going man, so I must go.’ He heaved up his great snowy feet and stamped down the garden path. At the gate he turned and waved to Liza.”
“Thank you,′ said the snowman, ‘but I don’t think the town is the right place for me. I don’t want to turn into a gollyman-goshma. I must go where there are no lamp posts for me to bump into.”
“The fields and meadows were glittering white and deep in snow. ‘How pretty,’ said the snowman as he looked around him. Just then a crow flew over the snowman and perched on his old hat.”
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