Monica Hughes Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Monica Hughes
“The idea had been enthusiastically adopted by an ecology-conscious Earth, and one of the items on my father’s agenda was to negotiate an acknowledgement in terms of royalties of the Lunar discovery.”
“I squirmed at the memory and hoped that Ann wouldn’t remember and laugh. Well, at least I could write. I knew I couldn’t expect letters from Ann. Letters rate to Earth were crippling _ so was the cost of everything that had to make the 240,000 mile haul.”
“While visiting Conshelf Ten, an underwater colony on Earth, a young Moon boy becomes involved with dissident Gillmen whose plans threaten the whole world.”
The theme of this story, the struggle that every colony has had to go through to gain their independence from the corporation making the rules through government lobbies.
“As only to be expected with a book written in 1975 about the “future” (2005) I had to suspend my disbelief a little more than usual. Apparently by now we should be living on the Moon and on the continental shelves, and have abolished the internal combustion engine.”
“Don’t worry. Under water they’re nothing. In fact you have to wear a weighted belt in order to keep under even with tanks on. Down at Conshelf depths we breath different mixtures of gases depending on where we’re working.”
“The door swung open behind me, letting in a shaft of light and a babble to excited voices. There was a waft of exotic perfume. Real French perfume! The ferry from Earth must have arrived.These would be passengers on Moon Safari.”
“A tightly - written and engaging story about the importance of non-violence in the struggle for equal rights.”
“But that was long, long ago. Mother had been dead for five years, and I, Kepler Masterman, son of Moon Governor, was actually going to Earth myself. Already I was over the first hurdle, the wearisome three day journey on the old beat-up Moon ferry to the space station.”
“I had another idea. Remember your Aunt Janet... my photographer sister? She and you uncle Ted work in one of the undersea labs, Conshelf Ten. They have a son, Jon, about your age. How would you like to spend the rest of your Earth time living under the sea with them?”
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