Mr. Tod's Trap Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Mr. Tod's Trap
“Everyone knows how clever Mr. Tod is, especially Mrs. Tod and their three cubs. But when it comes to catching rabbits, Mr. Tod’s ideas are just too clever. HIs family gets hungrier and hungrier.”
“Mrs. Tod took off her apron. ‘I don’t mind the rain,’ she said. ‘Why don’t I go hunting?’ ‘Because you are a woman,’ shouted Mr. Tod, ‘and a mother. Your place is here at home, looking after the cubs. I will go hunting.”
“You chase the rabbits toward the river, and I will hide by the bridge.′ ‘Why?’ asked Weasel. ‘Because rabbits don’t like to swim. They will use the bridge,’ said Mr. Tod. ‘How clever!’ said Weasel and rushed off to look for rabbits.”
“A headstrong, inventive fox who is having trouble catching rabbits for his family discovers that the cleverest way to feed a hungry family is for the mother and father to do what each does best. ”
“Finally Mr. Tod builds the greatest trap in history, and discovers his best idea yet, with a help from Mrs. Tod. This headstrong inventor fox and his doting family will charm beginning readers.”
“Will you be by bedtime?′ asked Elsie. ‘To tuck us in.’ ‘And to play games and tell us stories,’ Arnold added. ‘We can eat supper together,’ said Maurice. ‘I will be home before bedtime,’ Mr. Tod promised.”
“Mr. Tod wen to the bridge. It was cold and wet. Mr. Tod shivered until dusk. ‘It’s the cubs’ bedtime now.′ He sniffed, ′ I must go home before it gets dark.”
“Mr. Tod was making toys for his cubs _ Elsie, Arnold, and Maurice. ‘You are so clever,’ said Mrs. Tod. ‘And you tell such great stories,’ said Elsie. ‘Tell us a story about when we were little and Mom found the secret door to the rabbits’ home.”
“Weasel was there already. ′ It’s so cold here.′ moaned Mr. Tod. ‘I keep warm by chasing rabbits,’ Weasel told him. Mr. Tod smirked. ‘I use clever ideas to catch rabbits,’ Mr. Tod said.”
“Not today,′ said Mr. Tod. ‘But there is not food in the house,’ cried Mrs. Tod. ‘What!’ cried Mr. Tod. ‘I went hunting yesterday. I even missed the cubs’ bedtime.′ ‘I know,’ sighed Mrs. Tod.‘But you didn’t catch anything.”
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