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27 of the best book quotes about pirates
“Pirates could happen to anyone.”
“The eye patch is a constant reminder that others don’t see the world the same way we do. Not yet, at least.”
“Scientists tell us that we share 95 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, and yet we share 99.9 percent of our DNA with Pirates. I ask you, who is the more likely common ancestor?”
“We are not saying that Evolution can’t exist, only that it is guided by His Noodly Appendage. And our Spaghedeity is extremely modest. For some reason, He went through a great deal of trouble to make us believe that Evolution is true--masking the prominent role of Pirates in our origins, making monkeys seem more important than they really are, generally keeping behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.”
“What we’re told of Pirates in history books today is blatantly wrong. Thieves and outcasts they were not--these were His Chosen People, the ones who listened and followed His divine plan, whatever it was.”
“It appears that a college education has been given an artificially high price tag in order to leave students with little money left over for the basic requirements of living. Burdened by poverty, students are induced to drink cheap beer and eat past--in short, they are forced to act like Pirates and Pastafarians--and we can only conclude that this is some part of His greater plan to spread FSMism.”
Honor Brown hates, absolutely hates school. It’s horrible--there are monsters and petrifying teachers. The students are crooks and pirates and everyone is so mean! They throw them out of windows and make them walk on glass. It’s so, so horrible, but what happens when it’s over?
“Two pirates, Carmaux and Van Stiller, are rescued by the Thunder, a pirate ship under the command of Emilio di Roccabruna of Roccanera, Lord of Valpenta and of Ventimiglia, and feared throughout the Caribbean as the Black Corsair.”
“Cook, if you are ever captured by pirates, or surrounded by Indians, or if you should fall into the sea and be chased by a shark, I will see to it that this day’s work is not forgotten, if it costs me the last drop of my blood.”
″‘Her real name isn’t Nancy,’ said Peggy. ‘Her name is Ruth, but Uncle Jim said that Amazons were ruthless, and as our ship is the Amazon, and we are Amazon pirates from the Amazon River, we had to change her name.”
“It’s no use trying to tell mother about the pirates, not until it’s all over, anyhow. But we must put it in the log and tell her afterwards.”
″’s much more fun being sea-dogs and timber shiverers. I propose an alliance.”
“Yesterday seemed unreal and wasted. Those pirates, the gun in Houseboat Bay, the chase up the lake to Rio were a sort of dream. He woke in ordinary life.”
“There is Jessika, a young girl who grows up without a father. ”
“The pirate tells her about his past and that his biggest wish is to see his father again.”
“That night, the Black Pig lay peacefully moored in the moonlit harbour. A small rowing boat slid out from the quayside with two figures aboard. One of thedm tied the boat up under the stern of the ship, while the other climbed up to the deck.”
“Tottering turtles! That’ll teach them to try their tricks on ME!′ boasted the Captain. ‘But that’s all very well. What am I going to do for a cake?’ ‘Don’t worry about that, Cap’n,’ said Tom.”
“He was also putting the finishing touches to a large notice which he had written out. In fact he had just signed his name at the bottom when there was a knock on his door and the Mate came in looking rather uncomfortable.”
“Doddering dolphins, Master Mate,” he cried. ‘Pirates should be desperadoes_not do-gooders! Take this notice and nail it to the main mast immediately! Things are going to be very different aboard this ship from now on!”
“Poor Pugwash! Little did he realize that his very worst enemy had taken lodgings in the same town and was also getting ready for the Captain’s birthday. ‘Ho ho ho!’ growled Cut-throat Jake.”
“It was quite early in the morning, and the Black Pig lay at anchor in the shelter of a little rock bay, by an island far away in the blue Pacific ocean. On any other day Captain Pugwash and his pirates would still have been fast asleep, but this morning was different.”
“I’ll give ‘im an ‘appy birthday ‘e’ll remember as long as ‘e’ lives’, he went on, planting a single candle in the centre of the cake...‘...which won’t be very long! Ah-harrh!”
“Well, who would ‘ave though it?’ said Pirate Willy, as they watched the little boat moving further and further away from the Black Pig. There weren’t too worried about doing without their Captain, but losing Tom was a disaster.”
“Earlier that evening, he had cooked a delicious dinner, and now Captain Pugwash was savouring a fine old French brandy before going to bed. In fact, he was just turning in for the night...”
“With its bloody battles, brutal buccaneers, and bold, spirited hero, this rousing tale will enthrall young listeners in search of seafaring adventure.”
″ Abounding in intrigue, battles, and acts of derring-do, the story takes place in the 17th century and charts a course from England to the Caribbean.”
“Cap suits me in a way my title never has. I’m far more pirate than prince, anyway.”

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