different ideas Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes about different ideas
“Where did truth stop? Where did error begin? I was all adrift among a thousand contradictory hypotheses, but I could not lay hold of one.”
“The eye patch is a constant reminder that others don’t see the world the same way we do. Not yet, at least.”
“He never lost the feeling he had in his chest when she spoke those words, as she did each time she told them stories; and he still felt it was true, despite all they had taught him in school—that long long ago things had been different, and human beings could understand what the animals said, and once the Gambler had trapped the storm clouds on his mountaintop.”
″‘I never realize how much I like being home unless I’ve been somewhere really different for a while.‘”
“What do you think you’re doing, you naughty girl, listening to those other women and giving me a hard time and hurting yourself as well.”
″‘But, see, I had a plan, too.’ He kept approaching. ‘And it turns out, your plan was only a part of my plan.‘”
“Borrowing,” he said after a while. “Is that what you call it?” “What else could you call it?” asked Arrietty. “I’d call it stealing.”
“She always slept with her feet on the pillow and her head far down under the covers. ‘That’s the way they sleep in Guatemala,’ she explained. ‘And it’s the only right way to do it. This way, I can wiggle my toes while I’m sleeping, too.‘”
“Everybody started talking at once, and everybody had a different idea, and everybody thought that his idea was the best.”
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