returning home Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about returning home
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    “Men think more about returning home than about leaving.”
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    “I’m glad to see you back. I thought you were gone forever.”
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    “Romans, make way. The good Andronicus,
    Patron of virtue, Rome’s best champion,
    Successful in the battles that he fights,
    With honour and with fortune is return’d.”
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    ″‘Your mother’s home,’ he said, as if they couldn’t see her standing there in the doorway behind him.”
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    “Poor gosling. It hurts to be lost. And worse to be home with no kind of homecoming. You’re my good-luck bird, Jok. I’ll be lucky if I can do as well as you when this is all done, just a bit out of breath, a bit bruised and scratched, a bit wiser and sadder for it all.”
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    “You can imagine the sensation there was the next morning when the missing Princess Amy calmly walked down to breakfast as though she had never been away.”
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    “And one thing always remained as I moved on. I saved a little bit of love just in case you would ever return home.”