The New Robinson Crusoe Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from The New Robinson Crusoe
“They loved him as the apple of their eye, but their love was blind and injudicious.”
″...if these people, amongst whom there are certainly many good and devout persons, have suffered so great distress, what must not I expect, who have acted with so much ingratitude towards my parents!”
″...everyone likes to reward those that are obliging.”
“I shall never have the least pity anymore for such a blockhead as Robinson, whatever misfortunes may happen to him.”
“I grant he is himself the cause of every thing that happens to him;”
“When a man wishes to make his way in the world, be it in what country it will, be ought to be provided beforehand with a tolerable share of knowledge; but this was what Robinson never thought of.”
“Return to your parents, fall on your knees before them, and, like a sensible and dutiful lad, implore their pardon for your imprudence.”
“The being who is supremely good, hath vouchsafed to stretch out a father’s hand over you. You should lift up your hearts to him, and thank him without delay for the unexpected preservation of your lives.”
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