Robin Klein Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Robin Klein
“When she went away, I lay in bed hating Alison Ashley for not having insomnia.”
“Erk, Yuk, or Gherkin. When I grew up and left school and left Barringa East for ever, I planned to change my name to something really elegant. It was a waste of time doing it before then.”
″‘Erica’s a very nice name,’ Miss Belmont said. ‘It means “great heroine”.‘”
“I don’t want to seem boastful, but I got it absolutely perfect the first try: tone, pitch, everything. There was no doubt whatsoever that I was destined for a glittering, brilliant career in the theatre.”
“Mum said it was a lot of creepy nonsense, and who in their right mind would want to leave their bodies and float around like wisps of smoke? There wasn’t anything smoky about mom. She really enjoyed being alive, and getting dressed up to go out.”
“She seemed to have eyes like a fly, with multiple sections that could see sideways and backwards, and into things that hadn’t even happened yet.”
“I found again, that when I didn’t have to act, I had no trouble at all demonstrating how each line should be said.”
″... she didn’t tell the government about that in case she lost her pension. Which meant she was lying to them, even though she was always going mad at me for lying, except in my case I thought of it as decorating statements to make them sound more interesting.”
“She didn’t turn up for the same reason she never does; because she’s not interested in anything I do.”
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