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11 of the best book quotes about shapes
“You know, my eyes ain’t too good at all. I can’t see nothing but the general shape of things, so I got to rely on my heart. Why don’t you go on and tell me everything about yourself, so as I can see you with my heart.”
“Mankind was not absolutely alone among the conscious things of earth, for shapes came out of the dark to visit the faithful few.”
“Once I’d dreamed and breathed and thought in colour and light and shape.”
“On the seat of the great chief’s stool lay the little garden snake. Nyasha laughed with relief and joy. ‘My little friend!’ she exclaimed. ‘It’s such a pleasure to see you, but why are you here?’ ‘I am the king,’ Nyoka replied. And there, before Nyasha’s eyes, the garden snake changed shape.”
“Suppose YOU were shaped like these... or those!... or shaped like a BLOGG! Or a garden hose!”
“Just think about the shape of strings and elephants... and other things.”
“The shape of lips. The shape of ships. The shape of water when it drips.”
″...a bug, a balloon, a bed, a bike. No shapes are ever quite alike.”
“Just think about the shape of beans and flowers and mice and big machines!”
“The shape of you, the shape of me, the shape of everything I see...”
″‘And three parcels. The big one’s my cake and the square fat one’s probably Aunt Angela.’ Darbishire peered at the parcel, through dusty spectacles. ‘Don’t be crazy; she couldn’t be that shape unless she’d been cremated.‘”
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