The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's
“The secret had been kept most carefully, and when, next morning, Saint Dominic’s woke up and swarmed down the passage past the Fifth Form class-room, the sight of a huge frame, with the words The Dominican staring out from it, and several yards of writing underneath, fairly startled them.”
″‘I was greatly tempted to let out,’ said Oliver, ‘but the fact is- I know you’ll jeer, Wray- the fact is, I’ve been trying feebly to turn over a new leaf this term.‘”
“The reader will doubtless have inferred, from what has already been said, that the young gentleman of the Fifth Form at Saint Dominic’s entertained, among other emotions, a sentiment something like jealousy of their seniors and superiors in the sixth.”
“They saw no reason for opening their columns to any but Sixth Form fellows. So what I propose is, that we get up a paper of our own!”
“It was a curious fact, nevertheless, that at prayers that evening there were more clean faces among the Tadpoles than had been seen there since the formation of that ancient and honorable fraternity.”
“Of all the young gentleman whose privilege it had been to make the acquaintance of Mr. Cripps- and there were a good many- he professed the greatest esteem and admiration for Loman...”
“The reader will no doubt have already decided in his own mind whether Oliver Greenfield did rightly or wrongly in putting his hands into his pockets instead of using them to knock down Loman.”
“With these advantages their popularity as a body was very great- and it is only due to them to say that they bore their honours magnanimously, and distributed their kicks and favours with the strictest impartiality.”
″‘’ll look foolish.’ ‘How nice! So pleasant it will be to look for once like what you look always.‘”
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