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11 of the best book quotes about young boy
“There’s too much risk in loving,’ the young boy said, ‘no,’ said the old man, ‘there’s too much risk in not.”
This book tells the story of the day that all the babies in a town just up and crawled away! They just left! As they are leaving, a young boy tries to get them to all come back and he keeps that as his mission the whole day. Through all the crazy predicaments the babies get into, the boy helps them.
The silhouette illustrations are a delightful change. The story is in rhyme, so children will enjoy the beat of the story. During a picnic the babies crawl away, only to been noticed by a young boy. They had quite the adventure and many humorous situations. Never fear they young boy saves the day
It is an exciting adventure novel in which a young boy named Michael is swept overboard during a storm while sailing around the world with his family, and left stranded on a desert island with his pet dog.
“Amazingly, every animal who meets Spider implicitly trusts the young boy. This magical rapport is Spider’s unique gift, but nothing else in his tough life is so easy.”
Did you come from the other side? You know, from Mexico? So begins the friendship between Prietita and Joaquin, the young boy who, with his mother, has crossed the Rio Grande River to Texas in search of a new life.
The story centers around Tod, a young boy whose parents are separated and is living at Grandma’s with Mom and 2 sisters. It’s dysfunctional but it works.
Way home follows a young boy called Shane and a stray cat that Shane has decided to home. During their journey home, Shane and the cat experience many dangerous encounters such as a gang of lads and a dog.
“A young boy’s discovery of twelve wooden soldiers that once belonged to the Brontë children leads to an exciting adventure.”
“The reader will doubtless have inferred, from what has already been said, that the young gentleman of the Fifth Form at Saint Dominic’s entertained, among other emotions, a sentiment something like jealousy of their seniors and superiors in the sixth.”
“A young boy learns that it can be a harmful thing to care too much about the one plant in his bleak yard.”

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