The Story of the Treasure Seekers Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from The Story of the Treasure Seekers
“If what we have written brings happiness to any sad heart we shall not have laboured in vain.”
“I’ll tell you what. We must go and seek for treasure; it is always what you do to restore the fallen fortunes of your house.”
“Real life is often something like books.”
“People think six is a great many, when it’s children. I mean they don’t mind six pairs of boots, or six pounds of apples, or six oranges, especially in equations, but they seem to think that you ought not to have five brothers and sisters.”
″ is wrong to be angry with people for not being so clever as you are yourself.”
“So the fairy godmother- (I’m very sorry, but there’s no room to make the chapters any longer.)”
“Peppermint is a great help with arithmetic.”
“Albert’s uncle says I ought to have put this in the preface, but I never read prefaces, and it is not much good writing things just for people to skip.”
“You can’t do half the things yourself that children in books do, making models or so on. I wonder why?”
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