Theseus Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Theseus
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    “A wise man heeds all matters great or small.”
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    “Thy life is safe while any god saves mine.”
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    “The First Great Cause and Mover of all above
    When first He made that fairest chain of love,
    Great was the consequence and high the intent.”
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    “Thebes is not wont to breed unrighteous sons.”
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    “Such threats Vented in anger oft, are blusterers, An idle breath, forgot when sense returns.”
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    “I wait full knowledge ere I judge.”
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    “I know myself a mortal, and my share In what the morrow brings no more than thine.”
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    “Ruler of Athens, Lord and Governor,
    And in his time so great a conqueror
    There was none mightier beneath the sun.
    And many a rich country he had won,
    What with his wisdom and his troops of horse.”
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    “He well knew why He did, and what He meant.
    For in that fairest chain of love He bound
    Fire and air and water and the ground
    Of earth in certain limits they may not flee.”