Things We Never Got Over Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Things We Never Got Over
“There’s a difference between taking care of someone because you love them and taking care of someone because you want them to love you,”
“You’re the one who has to live your life. Don’t apologize to other people for the decisions you make for yourself.”
“I’d lost myself while trying to convince someone else that I was what he wanted. I’d forgotten who I was because I’d let someone else take over the definition.”
“At some point, you have got to stop worrying so much about what everyone else needs and start thinking about what you need.”
“When you trust someone to see you for who you really are, the betrayal is a thousand times worse than if you hadn’t handed them the weapons in the first place,”
“Sooner or later, you have to accept that you’re not responsible for other people’s choices. Worse, sometimes you can’t fix what’s wrong with them.”
“You get to decide how you show up in this world. No one else gets to dictate to you who you are,”
“This book is about the bravery it takes for us to love someone when we all know how every love story ends.”
“You make broken things whole again. Me. You made me whole. And every time you smile at me, I feel like I hit the lottery again.”
“Mistakes were meant to be learned from, overcome. They weren’t meant to destroy.”
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