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20 of the best book quotes from The Lottery
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    “The lottery was conducted – as were the square dances, the teen club, the Halloween program – by Mr. Summers, who had time and energy to devote to civic activities.”
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    “Clean forgot what day it was,”
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    “Guess we better get started, get this over with, so we can go back to work.”
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    “All right, folks. Let’s finish quickly. ”
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    ″ People ain’t the way they used to be. ”
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    ″ So much of the ritual had been forgotten or discarded. ”
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    “Someone gave little Davy Hutchinson a few pebbles.”
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    ″‘There goes my old man.’ Mrs. Delacroix said. She held her breath while her husband went forward.”
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    “Bill Hutchinson was standing quiet, staring down at the paper in his hand.‘”
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    “Although Mr. Summers and everyone else in the village knew the answer perfectly well, it was the business of the official of the lottery to ask such questions formally.”
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    “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right,”
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    “No one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box. ”

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    “There’s always been a lottery. ”
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    “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. ”
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    “Daughters draw with their husbands’ families, Tessie,”
  4. #17
    “Mrs. Delacroix selected a stone so large she had to pick it up with both hands and turned to Mrs. Dunbar. ‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Hurry up.‘”
  5. #18
    “You didn’t give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair!”
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    ″‘There’s Don and Eva,’ Mrs. Hutchinson yelled. ‘Make them take their chance!’
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    “The people had done it so many times that they only half listened to the directions; most of them were quiet, wetting their lips, not looking around.”
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