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11 of the best book quotes about thriller
I was really confused about how they were going to reveal the killer since the entire story was first person narrations from the suspects. A new shocking truth is revealed at the end of every chapter so you simply can not put the book down. ”
“It is about 5 children who would like to find the truth about the person who burn the cottage. I enjoyed to read this book and want to be one of the find-outers too.”
“How could someone like my dad be in trouble? It wasn’t the sort of thing you’d expect of him. He’s a big, open, easygoing Australian. He came over from Brisbane with qualifications on accountancy, intending to study economics -which is how he met Mum, who was reading English Literature at the University of Manchester.”
“But in the busy foyer of Knutsford Inn there was to be no giggling between Nicola and me. Already we have a sense that in the morning we wouldn’t be going back home. The whole situation was so unusual, so dreamlike.”
“But- ‘I started to say, looking from one to the other of these strangers. Who were they? What was going on? There was another man in the living room, half of head shorter than the first, with a bushy moustache that spread across his cheeks.”
“When I reached home, parked in front of our house were two dark cars with tinted windows -Granadas, identical except for their registration numbers. I saw them as soon as I turned the corner into Stretton Road, but because of those windows it was impossible to see if anyone was inside.”
“All presente and correct,′ the driver added. Ahead of us, the other Granada was already parked near the front entrance - but there was no sign of Dad or Nicola. Our driver switched off the lights and the engine. ‘You folks go in, I ‘ll bring the bags,’ he said as he got out.”
“By now the force of the storm was spent and the wind had died, but the sea was still seething and angry. The waves rolled into the bay from Samson, gathering and rearing as they neared the shore before they curled over to hurl themselves into the hissing sand.”
Sixteen-year-old Andres becomes a wanted man and the target of security forces after the driver of a car that he is travelling in is shot and his father is taken away.
“They drove under stars on a winding route that crossed and re-crossed the river. Farm hamlets lay black in sleep; copses of pine shaped the skyline. And always, against the drone of the van’s engine as it laboured through the gears, came the roar of the Maipo, amplified by the walls of the canyon.”
“On the journey back to Santiago, they listened to the van radio. The military authorities had taken over all broadcasting stations. One message was repeated over and over again: the death of Miguel Alberti was a tragedy for the nation.”
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