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39 of the best book quotes from Enid Blyton
“Soon the two children came to the woods. They were glad to get among trees, for they were more sheltered then. They walked through the dripping tress, over the soaking grass. Then suddenly came a gale blustering through the woods that the children were quite frightened.”
“Lenny ate his dinner and thought quite a lot while he ate it. He knew he was lazy. He knew that he left most of the hard work to his cousins. Now he had lost his pound because he had been too lazy to dig, too lazy to go and get his new spade, too lazy to do anything but lie in the sand and watch the others at work.”
″ Joanna and Paul aren’t expecting to find a funny cottage on their way to get some eggs! Find out the secret of this magical house and read all about Little Mr Tuppeny.”
“Read all about Little Mr Tuppeny, the naughty little blacksmith and the adventures of Dicky Dawdle in this fantastic collection of adventurous stories.”
“I’m going off to the shop straight away,′ said Lenny, and he sped off up the beach and on to the front. He went to the shop that sold spades _but he didn’t buy spade.No _he bought a tiny red and blue boat for Karen that cost forty pence.”
“Dick Dawdle was just like his name.He was a real dawdler! He dawdled over his dressing in the morning, so that he was always late for breakfast. He was slow over his porridge, so that he was always late for school.”
“Other stories in this Freddie Has a Job Think Hard, Boatman The Surprising Buns, The Smugglers’ Caves, A Visitor to Dinner Dicky Dawdle’s Adventures and many more...”
“Splash, the ferryman lived in a tiny house beside the river. He had a cheerful-looking little boat painted blue and the oars were orange. The boat was called Here-we-go! and everyone like going across the river in it. Splash was really a very busy little man.”
“It is an intriguing mystery revolving around an old professor’s workroom, (not actually a cottage after all), which conveniently goes up in smoke while he is ...”
“Joanna and Paul looked out of the nursery window. It was pouring with rain, and they had to go across the fields to fetch the eggs from the farm. ‘What a nuisance!’ said Paul.”
“Freddie has a job: Next door to Freddie there lived an old man who couldn’t walk. He lays on a couch by his window all day long, and looked out into his garden. His name was Mr Still, and Freddie used to think it was a good name for anyone who had to lie still all day long.”
″ Calling themselves the ‘Five Find-Outers and Dog’ they set out to solve the mystery and discover the culprit. ”
“Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pep, Bets and Buster the dog turn detectives when a mysterious fire destroys a thatched cottage in Mr Hick’s garden in their village.”
“The final solution, however, surprises the Five Find-Outers almost as much as it surprises Mr Goon the village policeman.”
“But when the cottage goes on fire, the kids band together to see if they can solve the crime before the police. ”
“This is a really great crime procedural. A bunch of annoying kids solve the mystery of a burnt cottage. ”
“It is about 5 children who would like to find the truth about the person who burn the cottage. I enjoyed to read this book and want to be one of the find-outers too.”
“Fatty and his rich parents, with Buster the dog, move into town and he tries to make friends with local kids Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets, who don’t initially like the loudmouthed boastful new kid.”
“This involves scouting the area for clues, talking to the people at the college and following up leads. Mr Goon is there purely for comic relief and telling the kids where to go, but he is mildly amusing.”
“Niggles for me, other than spelling and grammar, include Bets being able to know the word ‘rheumatism’ yet is somehow incapable of saying ‘clues’, instead continually calling it ‘glues’.”
″...George hates being a girl, and we have to call her George, as if she were a boy. The naughty girl won’t answer if we call her Georgina.”
“Once she makes friends with you, she will always be your friend...”
“I just feel as if it’s the right place somehow. It sounds sort of adventurous.”
“I shall only answer if you call me George. I hate being a girl. I won’t be. I don’t like doing the things that girls do. I like doing the things that boys do.”
“My castle and my island are the nicest things I could ever have. Mother! Mother! You know you said I could have them. You know you did! I believed you.”
“It wasn’t a bit of good fighting grown-ups. They could do exactly as they liked.”
“You know quite well what grown-ups think as soon as we yawn.”
“I don’t make friends with people just because they’re my cousins, or something silly like that. I only make friends with people if I like them.”
“I don’t know why, but it always seems very important that it should be sunny on the first day of a holiday.”
“Honestly, I believe anyone could light a cigarette from the sparks that fly from your eyes!”
“Oh, Peter, to think we’ve got a magic chair- a wishing-chair!”
“And then the most extraordinary thing of all happened! The chair they were in began to creak and groan, and suddenly it rose up in the air, with the two children in it!”
″‘Well, I don’t know how you expect to escape that way!’ he said. ‘You’ll have to come down the steps again, and I shall be waiting here to catch you. Then what a spanking you’ll get!‘”
″‘Binky, will you do something for us?’ asked Mollie. ‘You know we can’t be with the magic chair always to watch when it grows wings, but if you could watch it for us, and come and tell us when you see it has wings, then we could rush to our playroom and go on another adventure.‘”
“And suddenly the children noticed that its little red wings had gone from the legs! It looked just an ordinary chair now!”
“What an adventure! Cheer up, Binky! We’ll take you home with us! You shall live with us, if you like. We have a fine playroom at the end of our garden. You can live there and no one will know. What fun we’ll have with you and the wishing-chair!”
″‘We can’t get out till he lets us go!’ said Mollie. ‘Oh dear, why did we ever come here? I’m sure that little man is a gnome or something.‘”
“It was the most curious shop they had ever been in! Fancy keeping all those queer things in boxes! Really, there must be magic about somewhere.”

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