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12 of the best book quotes about unwanted
“In the world’s terms, though, all of us were tainted.”
“She must now go into a word of femininity, a world she despised, could not comprehend nor defend herself against, a world that did not want her.”
“‘I’ve never been wanted anywhere,’ she said.”
“So we are in prison here because the government doesn’t want us.”
“Guards kept telling us that no one wanted us in Australia.”
“They left the canals and the highways and the big cities where no one wanted them anymore and went away out in the country.”
“Da Souza himself felt unwanted, left behind in this ghost town of a place, among the empty houses, with a wife and three children to support on the proceeds from a store where nobody shopped any more.”
“She was part of you, Alex, and part of me. I wanted her even if you didn’t-”
“Nobody wanted Morris’s bear. ‘Come,’ said Morris’s mother, ‘let’s make a hat for your bear.’ ”
“Little Toot felt very lonely. He wasn’t wanted anywhere or by anyone. With his spirits drooping he let the tide carry him where it willed. He did not see the sky grow dark. He did not feel the wind blowing harder and harder. The wind was whipping into a real storm.”
″‘You and my father,’ -she glowered at poor Mr. Herbert- ‘did it ever occur to you that you couldn’t always get rid of me simply by shoving me into some school?‘”
“I could see the weariness in the boy AF’s walk, and wondered what it might be like to have found a home and yet to know that your child didn’t want you.”
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