Klara and the Sun Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Klara and the Sun
“There are many children out there who would love to be able to choose you, choose Rosa, any one of you here. But it’s not possible for them. You’re beyond their reach. That’s why they come to the window, to dream about having you.”
“Klara, do you think once we’re in the window, we’ll receive so much goodness we’ll never get short again?”
“The Sun was pouring his nourishment onto the street and into the buildings, and when I looked over to the spot where Beggar Man and the dog had died, I saw they weren’t dead at all—that a special kind of nourishment from the Sun had saved them.”
“Even so, an AF would feel himself growing lethargic after a few hours away from the Sun, and start to worry there was something wrong with him- that he had some fault unique to him and that if it became known, he’d never find a home.”
“She could fail to notice so much, and even when I pointed something out to her, she’d still not see what was special or interesting about it.”
“I tried to feel in my own mind the anger the drivers had experienced.”
“They lost each other. And perhaps just now, just by chance, they found each other again.”
“So once the grid went up, the realization that there was now only the glass between me and the sidewalk, that I was free to see, close up and whole, so many things I’d seen before only as corners and edges, made me so excited that for a moment I nearly forgot about the Sun and his kindness to us.”
“I could see the weariness in the boy AF’s walk, and wondered what it might be like to have found a home and yet to know that your child didn’t want you.”
“Because I don’t want you coming against your will. That wouldn’t be fair. I really want you to come, but if you said, Josie, I don’t want to, then I’d say to Mom, okay, we can’t have her, no way.”
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