Amazon Adventure Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Amazon Adventure
“I’ll make it,′ laughed Hal. But he did not go back as he had come. He took a roundabout route and walked in the middle of the street, eyes and ears alert. He got back to the hotel without incident and found his father and Roger asleep.”
“They gout out of the dangerous downdraught, but it left them only six hundred feet above the rocky bottom of the pass. In vain Terry tried to bring the plane up. So much banking and wheeling was necessary to avoid the cliffs that the little plane had no energy left for climbing.”
“As he slowed down, panting because of the 9500-foot altitude, he reflected that this capital city of Ecuador was certainly next door to heaven. It was one of the highest capital cities in the world.”
“Hal & Roger Hunt are lucky to have a father who goes to far places to bring animals, reptiles and birds back alive for the zoos. He takes them with him on an exciting trip down the Amazon.”
“Long Island teenagers Hal and Roger Hunt explore uncharted Amazon River with their father, expert naturalist John Hunt for his exotic animal collection. ”
″ Someone sends an anonymous telegram, so John returns. Alone, the boys face hostile natives, dangerous rapids and wild animals, and a hunchback with bloodshot eyes.”
“It is fantastically educational. Every animal mentioned in the story I know a lot better now. And I know a ton of things about the Amazon that I’d never heard about before.”
“By plane they reach the headwaters, where they build the ‘Ark’ and set off downstream. Circumstances make it necessary for the father to fly home. ”
“Roger, who is younger, is mischievous but eager to learn.Though the country of the headhunters and into the heart of the jungle they sail their Ark.”
“He leaves the Amazon expedition in the capable hands of Hal, who, although only just ready for the university, has hunted mountains lions and knows a lot about the way of animals.
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