Astrid Magnussen Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from Astrid Magnussen
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    “It was torture for me to try to fit in as a girl among other girls. Girls my own age were a different species entirely.”
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    “She was a beautiful woman dragging a crippled foot and I was that foot. I was bricks sewn into the hem of her clothes, I was a steel dress.”
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    “I wanted to freeze this moment forever, the chimes, the slight splash of water, the chink of dogs’ leashes, laughter from the pool, the skritch of my mother’s dip-pen, the smell of the tree, the stillness. I wished I could shut it in a locket to wear around my neck.”
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    “Now I wished she’d never broken any of her rules. I understood why she held to them so hard. Once you broke the first one, they all broke, one by one, like firecrackers exploding in your face in a parking lot on the Fourth of July.”
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    “That was a day with a trapdoor, and we all fell through.”
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    “I loved his brown eyes, the way he looked so worried, as if he’d never seen a kid throw up before.”
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    “‘Is it terrible here? Do they hurt you?’
    ‘Not as much as I hurt them.‘”
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    “A person didn’t need to be beautiful, they just needed to be loved. But I couldn’t help wanting it.”
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    “The teachers’ mouths opened and butterflies burst out, too fast to capture.”

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