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Nine of the best book quotes about lady
“And instead of a nice dish of minnows- they had a roasted grasshopper with lady-bird sauce; which frogs consider a beautiful treat; but I think it must have been nasty!”
“There, with a black mask over her mask and eyes and her hand in the bread-bin, stands a lady. ‘Who are you?’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I’m Burglar Betty,’ says the lady.”
“Hush-a-bye baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows, the cradle will rock; When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall; Down will come baby, bough, cradle and all. Hush-a-bye baby, Daddy is near; Mammy’s a lady, and that’s very clear.”
“Draw a pail of water; For my lady’s daughter; My father’s a king, and my mother’s a queen, My two little sisters are dressed in green, Stamping grass and parsley; Marigold leaves and daisies.”
“I want you to let Caddie run wild with the boys. Don’t keep her in the house learning to be a lady. I would rather see her learn to plow than make samplers, if she can get her health by doing so. I believe it is worth trying. Bring the other girls up as you like, but let me have Caddie.”
“But now I don’t have to be jealous anymore. Because now I’ve got Sunday Forster Parents too! I mean, they’re not parents, it’a just a lady, but still! Yesterday, on Sunday afternoon, Sister Frances sent this stupid kid named Donny to get me. Donny is much littler than me.”
“If someone were to tell a friend, ‘I want to see you tonight’, you would wonder what was meant by ‘you’. You would keep asking yourself, ‘Does “you” in this case mean “you” or “U”?’ If ‘you’ means ‘U’ and ‘U’ is me, then that lady wants to see me tonight. And then you would wonder why, I tell you, Professor Sherman, ‘U’ is a bad name.”
“My good woman (for the Fairy was very familiar, and no more minded a Queen than a washerwoman)- my good woman, these people who are following you will be the first to turn against you; and as for this little lady, the best thing I can wish her is a LITTLE MISFORTUNE.”
“It was said she had the longest hair, the largest eyes, the slimmest waist, the smallest foot, and the most lovely complexion of any young lady in the Paflagonian dominions.”
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